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How Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Works

The Compex Muscle Stimulator’s electrical impulses reproduce the body’s natural process of voluntarily contracting muscle. When these impulses bathe the motor nerves, the muscle responds with a deeper and more complete contraction. A muscle cannot tell the difference between the signal for a voluntary contraction—one triggered by the brain—and the signal generated by electrostimulation.

The results are:

  • a more efficient workout regimen
  • less risk of injury to joints and tendons
  • minimized cardiovascular fatigue

The Benefits of the Compex Muscle Stimulator include:

  • Improve strength, endurance, speed and power—quickly
  • Tone muscle
  • Recruit more muscle with each contraction
  • Customize workouts for an individual’s needs
  • Thoroughly warm up
  • Recover faster

Compex training complements your existing sports training program—allowing you to target your training for increased power, endurance, speed and strength. The Compex family (Sport Elite, Performance, and Edge models) features 5 progressive levels that keep you challenged with every training session on your road to peak performance. Muscle stimulation speeds the recovery process so you can fit in more quality training sessions in a block of time. For instance, the Active Recovery program is a relaxing 24-minute session that will:

  • significantly increase blood flow
  • remove lactic acid
  • release endorphins and promote relaxation

Let Compex take you to the next level so you can Discover a Better You!