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Compex Edge Muscle Stimulator

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Compex Edge Muscle Stimulator

Features 3 Programs; the Compex muscle stimulator that helps you achieve optimum health and fitness.
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  • Compex Edge Muscle Stimulator
  • Compex Edge Muscle Stimulator
  • Compex Edge Muscle Stimulator
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Get an Edge to Fitness

**Compex units require signature upon delivery, see below for details**

*** Compex Edge is unavailable until April 20, 2014 ***

Whether you’re a competitive athlete, fitness enthusiast, weekend warrior, stay-at-home mom or aging adult, the Compex Edge can help you to achieve optimum health and fitness.

  • Tone Muscles
  • Build Muscle Strength and Size
  • Increase Circulation and Oxygenate Blood Cells
  • Warm up Muscles to Increase Flexibility and Reduce Likelihood of Injury
  • Massage Muscles to Promote Overall Relaxation
  • Optimize Muscle Recovery and Reduce Muscle Soreness
  • Clear Lactic Acid

Optimize Workouts, Get To The Next Level—Attain Maximum Strength, Power, Endurance and Fitness

When combined with your existing fitness routine, the Compex Edge enables you to target your training and exercise more muscle in less time, so you can achieve peak performance and fitness—providing a more efficient workout regimen, with less risk of injury to joints and tendons, and virtually no cardiovascular fatigue. Whether used for sports training, fitness workouts, muscle development, massage, recovery or a warm-up, Compex enhances your muscle performance.

The new Compex Edge features the following 3 programs:

Resistance – Builds muscle size, strength and density, optimal for toning muscles. Targets both slow and fast-twitch muscle fibers.

Active Recovery – Produces a muscle twitch to clear lactic acid, increase blood flow, promote muscle relaxation and enable a faster recovery from muscle soreness and fatigue.

Endurance – Increases muscle capillarization (blood flow) and establishes a working regimen for oxidative power of endurance muscle fibers. Targets slow-twitch muscle fibers.

Compex Edge Kit includes:

  • Compex Edge US Muscle Stimulator
  • Battery Charger
  • CD with User Manual
  • Electrode Placement Guidebook
  • Carrying Case
  • Easy Snap Electrode Lead wires (set of 4)
  • 2"x4" Easy Snap Gel Electrodes (2 packs of 2)
  • 2"x2" Easy Snap Gel Electrodes (2 packs of 4)

**** Shipment Notice ****

For your protection and to ensure your order is correctly delivered, Compex units require a signature upon delivery. If you are not available during the initial delivery attempt, UPS will leave a notice with details on redelivery attempts and/or how to obtain your package from a local facility.

Questions on Compex Edge Muscle Stimulator

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  • From Natasha at 8/1/12 10:22 PM
    • Hello,
      I'm stay home mom, do not have much time for gym ( 2-3 times a week) ....mostly twice a week. Have to admit my muscles need a lot of help, especially my gluteus and hamstrings.I am between EDGE and PERFORMANCE US, want to get really amazing results.....what would you recommend?
    • For what you are looking for the Edge will suit your needs. You have a strengthening program and a recovery.
  • From Brad at 8/13/12 5:16 AM
    • I go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week but I want a system that can help me build my biceps,triceps and pecs quicker. Which system would be recommended?
    • Yes, this model, has a strength, endurance and recovery. All which would be beneficial in helping you along with your goals.
  • From dan at 12/12/12 4:30 PM
    • will this unit also serve as a tens unit and how long do the battery last and can it run on the power cord when charging if the battery runs down and you need to use it thanks
    • Dan,
      No this will not act as a TENS unit, it is an NMES unit. The wavelengths are different. The battery should last for several years. Unfortunately, no it can not be used with the cord only the battery.
  • From Jose at 2/11/13 5:48 AM
    • Im training 5 times a week. But i want an extra help do i need this product or another one to tone my muscles.
    • Hello, Jose -

      This product is not designed to tone muscles. I'm not sure of a muscle stimulator that does this as most are used for muscle recovery from workouts and warmup for activity.

      If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our product specialists at 888-405-3251.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day!
  • From CC at 3/28/13 10:58 PM
    • hi. i'm CC living in South Korea. actually i'm a Korean.
      i'd like to buy this product, what do i do?
      and do i have to buy extra accesories? like cables?
      would it be possible to charge in Korea?
    • Hello,

      You would need to contact our international representative who services Korea:

      Name: Dinesh Verma
      General Email:
      Phone: +65.918.90011

      Thank you and have a wonderful day!
  • From Ajeet at 4/10/13 11:50 PM
    • Hi, I m planning to purchase edge through my friend in USA. I m from India. I run a slimming & inch loss centre. I already have exillis & i lipo. Wish to give edge muscle stimulator in between the sessions. Does it have any disposibles/ stickers ? What is ur take for use in centres as most of your equipmente seem to be for personal use? In India, there are variety of local muscle stimulator but yours looks great & impressive! Thank you!
    • Ajeet
      This product is excellent for toning muscle and building strength and power in muscles. The electrodes can be disposed of as a one time use, that would be up to you.
  • From karol at 4/28/13 4:53 AM
    • I'm a "very very very busy" and have no time to go to the gym. Would this product give me the the result I want, without changing my hole plans,giving me that fine tone muscle.
    • Hello, Karol -

      No, this product is not designed as a replacement for not going to the gym. It is designed to enhance gym workouts and recovery from workouts and exercise regimens.

      if you have further questions, please feel free to contact our product specialists at 888-405-3251.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day!
  • From andrey at 7/12/13 9:00 AM
    • Hello
      I am wondering what is a difference between your active recovery program and recovery plus? What if I want to use this product as a muscle relaxation and to fight tightness, will it help me?
    • Hello

      See below the link to Compex, for descriptions of the programs offered.

      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • From Andrea at 11/1/13 4:26 AM
    • Hi, I'm recoverying from a hip replacement surgery and my doctor recomended me to buy compex one. where can I buy it? Do you recomend another one?
    • Andrea,
      The Compex Edge has strength and endurance settings that could be used around the hip to help with recovery. The other Compex units (Performance and Elite) may have more programs than you would need or use; including Potentiation, strength and explosive strength. I would speak to your doctor more about his prescription/protocols as far at duration and frequency that you are to use the unit keeping in mind your parameters may vary from the suggested use.
      Thank you for your question. Please contact us for any further information you may need.
  • From Fernando at 11/8/13 10:29 AM
    • Hi, I had a surgery in my back a month ago and I lost some muscle.
      I just want to know which of the complex I can use for recover the muscle after a surgery.
    • Fernando,
      The Compex is designed to be used in conjunction with a training program to enhance muscle performance. It is an over the counter unit sold without prescription to work with healthy muscle tissue. There are cases in which doctor may prescribe a unit for muscle recovery and strengthening. Each of our 3 units sold in the USA have the endurance, resistance and active recovery programs that your doctor may recommend, and the Sport Elite includes a recovery plus program. The programs are outlined on the following web page It would be recommended you speak with your physician to find the Compex unit that may work best for you. Thank you for contacting DJO.
  • From Jackie Sevy at 11/12/13 5:11 PM
    • Does de Compex Edge have the Rehabilitation category as the Sport Elite Compex?
      Or do you still carry the Sport Elite Compex?
      Thank you
    • Jackie,
      The Edge has the Active Recovery program setting. This produces a muscle twitch, clears lactic acid, increases blood flow, promotes muscle relaxation and enables a faster recovery. We do still offer the Sport Elite which has 9 programs including the Active Recovery and the Recovery plus. The Recovery Plus produces a muscle twitch, runs at a lower frequency and clears lactic acid, increases blood flow and promotes muscle relaxation when muscles are fatigued after a vigorous workout or competition. Thank you for you question.
  • From Hamish at 1/3/14 9:58 PM
    • Hello,

      I work out in the gym and maintain a good diet. My issue is I have one pectoral bigger than the other. My idea was to use this machine to build the smaller chest muscle while resting the other to even out.

      Do you think there would be any benefit in this or it could be achieved with your system?

    • Thank you for your question. The Compex is designed with the ability to build muscle mass. However, if you have a significant difference in size, it may not be able to build it to the level of the other. You may want to talk to your physician for more assistance in the muscle development and if Compex may be an option.
  • From Werner at 1/9/14 10:34 AM
    • I am 84 years old and I am losing muscle strength in my lower and upper legs.Would the Compex Edge stimulator help reverse the process and regain muscle strength in my legs? I exercise almost daily by walking and riding my training bike.
      Thanks for an early response.
    • Werner
      The compex has been FDA approved as a neuomuscular electrical stimulator. The Edge has one program for resistance that will help build muscle in the legs. So this could help you in addition to the exercise you already do.
  • From John at 1/12/14 9:51 AM
    • I am recovering from a shoulder injury and am unable to keep a steady work out on my pecs will this model help.
    • John
      The Edge has one resistance program for building mucle and one endurance program, so you should be good with this unit
  • From Nicole at 2/17/14 2:21 PM
    • What programs does this offer (warm up, sport, pain relief, Cross training, Conditioning, recovery)? I am specifically looking for Rehabilitation Disuse atrophy??
      Potentiation: Optimizes muscle potential before a workout or competition. Especially effective for sports requiring speed and velocity. Should be used 10 minutes prior to activity.

      Endurance: Targets slow twitch muscle fibers. Increases capillarization of the muscles and establishes a working regimen for developing the oxidative power of the endurance muscle fibers.

      Resistance: Targets both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers. Builds muscle size, strength and density.

      Strength: Targets fast twitch muscle fibers. Increases sheer strength and works the muscles at maximum power with less risk of injury to joints and tendons and virtually no cardiovascular or mental fatigue.

      Explosive Strength: Targets fast twitch fibers located in large muscle tissue. Improves jumping, sprinting or “explosive” muscle movements.

      Active Recovery®: Produces a muscle twitch. Clears lactic acid, increases blood flow, promotes muscle relaxation and enables a faster recovery.

      Recovery Plus: Produces a muscle twitch. Runs at a lower frequency and clears lactic acid, increases blood flow and promotes muscle relaxation when muscles are fatigued after a vigorous workout or competition.

      Pre-Warmup: Produces a muscle twitch. Runs at a low frequency and increases blood flow and oxygenates the muscles prior to a workout or competition.

      Massage: Produces a muscle twitch. Runs at the lowest frequency possible to relax muscles that are severely fatigued after a workout or competition.

      The Strength program used in conjunction with a training program will build muscle size. If you have any further questions please dont hesitate to call us.
  • From HurtingHammies at 3/6/14 8:35 PM
    • Hi,
      I am a long distance runner who overtrained and have upper hamstring injury (near gleutes) in Feb 2013. Physical therapy helped but being an year old injury, my glutes and upper hamstring still tight and possibly with scar tissue. I have slowly started running 2-3 miles again and want to get back to running long distance again (ultra). Do you recommend compex for improving blood circulation in high hamstring and glutal areas? Which model is good for me?
    • The compex units will work alongside your training regime to help strengthen the muscles with a variety of programs. With a runner you want to increase strenght and endurance. the Edge has 3 programs two strength(Endurance/Resistance) and Recovery. The Performance has 5 programs: 1. Warm-up, 3 strength programs (Endurance, Resistance and Strength) and a Recovery program. The Performance Unit would give you more programs to use
  • From ZOMI at 4/5/14 3:36 PM
    • i do workout twice per week, can this model can helpm me to tone my buttocks, and legs ?
    • you can use the Compex on days you do not work out to supplement you fitness program. Strength programs are like going to the gym and lifting wieghts
  • From Keith at 4/6/14 1:52 AM
    • It sounds like the idea is to use the compex in conjunction with a workout. It is not to be used on its own for building muscle mass or strength. Am I on the right track?
    • Keith
      Yes you are correct it should be use on days you do not work out or go to the gym, except for the recovery programs
  • From Ace42 at 4/13/14 6:57 PM
    • I do training on the side but I wanted to work my core and develop and tone my abs as well as work on increasing my bicep and triceps size and strength, is the Edge model ideal?
    • The edge has two strength programs: Resistanc eand Endurance and then a Recovery program. That should be sufficient
  • From eking at 4/14/14 12:36 PM
    • Comparing both the EDGE and PERFORMANCE units, which of them would achieve muscle hypertrophy at a quicker rate?

      In the PERFORMANCE unit, there is a mode called STRENGTH, will the strength program increase the results (tone, muscle size) quicker than the regular programs with the EDGE and what will it gravitate you more towards, a lean ripped beach body or a body builder?
    • The Performance Unit has 3 programs for strength: Endurance, Strength and Resistance. The Edge only has 2 Endurance and Strength. The unit is to be used in conjuction with a wieght training program so just using the unit alone will not build muscle size and the more you work out depends on how big you will get along with your normal genentic make up

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