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How it Works

Even the most elite athletes use less than half of their muscle potential. Compex complements your workouts with electric muscle stimulation to activate 100% of your muscle fibers for the ultimate in warmup, performance and recovery.

FDA Approved for:
  • Increased Muscle Strength and Density
  • Larger Muscle Size
  • Improved (VO2) Max
  • More Explosive Strength
  • Faster Muscle Recovery
  • Benefits of electric muscle stim
  • Benefits of electric muscle stim - Increase explosive strength Increase explosive
  • Benefits of electric muscle stim - Reduce muscle & joint damage Reduce muscle &
    joint damage
  • Benefits of electric muscle stim - Reduce training fatigue Reduce training
  • Benefits of electric muscle stim - Maximize oxygen consumption Maximize oxygen
  • COMPEX: The Performance Enhanching Device

    While it has often been recognized for its benefits in recovery, Compex electric muscle stimulation provides major enhancement across all areas of performance. Get stronger, improve endurance, boost speed, increase muscle mass, and reduce fatigue. Because work done with Compex dramatically increases the muscle training load without cardiovascular strain or mental fatigue, your workouts will yield the greatest results with the maximum efficiency.

  • Increase explosive strength

    Benefits of electric muscle stim - Increase explosive strength

    Powerful movements. Skying jumps. Quick bursts of speed. It's why athletes want to build explosive strength, one of the key elements in sports performance that can be specifically improved by Compex electric muscle stimulation. During an explosive movement like jumping or throwing, the motor neurons begin by discharge to the muscle fibers at high frequencies of 80 to 100 Hertz. This level of activation is maintained for a very short time (less than one second) and the discharge rate of these motor neurons falls away very quickly even if the athlete maintains maximum muscle contraction.

    Whatever form of VOLUNTARY training is used, muscle fibers can only be trained at high activation levels for short periods of time. When using Compex, however, the programmed frequency continues to impose high activity levels on the muscle fibers as long as the INVOLUNTARY contractions last and are repeated. Compex can therefore deliver rapid improvements in explosive strength because muscle fibers are trained at higher activity levels for much longer periods than could be achieved with voluntary training.

  • Reduce muscle & joint damage

    Benefits of electric muscle stim - Reduce muscle & joint damage

    Here's the reality: athletes looking for significant increases in strength and speed must train their fast fibers. The problem? Fast fibers only come into play as the muscle contraction approaches its maximum. That means in a traditional workout, athletes have to use extremely heavy weights because fast fibers are the last to be called upon in VOLUNTARY contractions, which begin with slow fibers. This can result in significant stresses on the joints and cardiovascular system, exhaustion of the user physically and mentally and risk of muscular or osteoarticular damage. Over time, that's a lot of wear and tear on your body.

    With Compex electric muscle stimulation integrated into your training regimen, INVOLUNTARY contractions are used to activate the fast fibers immediately, bypassing the phase in which your muscles need to adapt to an exceptionally high workload. The result is accelerated strength development without the need to repeatedly use very heavy weights. This in turn will reduce the risk of overwork injuries and keep you moving.

  • Reduce training fatigue

    Benefits of electric muscle stim - Reduce training fatigue

    The difference between training and competition is that during competition, your nervous system sends stress messages to fire your muscles at sustained levels that they simply don't reach in training. That means you don't fatigue as much during competition. Unfortunately, your muscle fibers don't receive messages at such levels during training, which keeps you from getting the maximum output from your body. But what if you could reach those same levels when training and get that much more out of your workouts?

    The fact is, your brain knows the difference between competition and training, but your muscles don't. Compex electric muscle stimulation enables fibers to work at a higher rate than an athlete could normally manage when training without Compex by firing the muscles independent of what the brain tells them. The result: athletes training with Compex will improve performance output in competitive settings because their fatigue levels have been improved by replicating similar stress levels during training.

  • Maximize oxygen consumption

    Benefits of electric muscle stim - Maximize oxygen consumption

    It is the goal of most athletes, especially those engaged in endurance training, to increase oxidative capacity or maximize oxygen consumption. This depends both on the quantity of oxygen delivered to the muscles (as a result of cardiac flow and blood oxygen concentration) and on the ability of the muscle to use that oxygen.

    Endurance training on its own develops both of these, supporting athletes in overall performance improvement. But when Compex stimulation has been combined with this training, the oxidative abilities of muscle fibers experimentally transformed into slow fibers by are double that of the best endurance athletes.* This means that utilizing Compex for muscle stimulation holds out the prospect of massive gains in endurance.

    * Rowlerson (1983) The fibre type composition of the first branchial arch muscles in carnivora and primates. J Muscles res Cell Motil 4, 443-72

Which Compex is right for you?

  • Sport Elite

    Which Compex is right for you? - Serious Competitor

    Serious Competitor

  • Performance

    Which Compex is right for you? - Frequent Competitor

    Frequent Competitor

  • Edge

    Which Compex is right for you? - Occasional Competitor

    Occasional Competitor

  • Sport Elite
    Muscle Stimulator $849.00

    For the competitive/high performance athlete with a rigorous training and exercise regimen. It features a total of 9 programs, and 5 levels of progression will keep elite athletes challenged with every training session, resulting in a true competitive advantage.

    4 Core Training Programs:
    • Endurance Program
    • Resistance Program
    • Strength Program
    • Explosive Strength Program
    5 Supplemental Programs:
    • Potentiation Program
    • Active Recovery® Program
    • Recovery Plus® Program
    • Pre-Warm Up Program
    • Massage Program
    More Info
  • Performance
    Muscle Stimulator $579.00

    For the fitness enthusiast and or athlete who engages in frequent competition. It features a total of 5 programs with 5 levels of progression to help competitive athletes achieve the highest level of performance.

    5 Core Training Programs:
    • Endurance Program
    • Resistance Program
    • Strength Program
    • Active Recovery® Program
    • Pre-Warmup Program
    More Info
  • Edge
    Muscle Stimulator $399.00

    For the competitive athlete, fitness enthusiast, weekend warrior, or someone just looking to achieve optimum health and fitness.

    3 Core Training Programs:
    • Resistance Program
    • Active Recovery® Program
    • Endurance Program
    More Info

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